Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Burning Bush

Darkness filled the desert air and a cool breeze swished through Moses hair. He gathered his sheep close to him. "B-a-a," went the lambs. Then he saw it. A bush on fire but it didn't burn up. He sneaked up to take a peak. 

"Moses! Moses!" a voice thundered. His knees knocked and his teeth chattered.

"Here I am," said Moses.

"Take off your sandals for the ground where you stand is holy ground," said God.

Moses kicked off his sandals and bowed before the Lord.

"I've heard the cries of my people," God said, "and I've come to rescue them and take them to a spacious land flowing with milk and honey."

"Who am I?" asked Moses. "I can't even talk right." Now why would he say that? He grew up in Pharaoh's palace and went to good Egyptian schools. He grew up to be strong and powerful. He thought he could do anything. But God had him in the desert with helpless lambs for a reason. He had to teach Moses to trust Him with everything, because he would lead God's people out of Egypt to a place where they would not suffer from slavery.

God will rescue us from things that enslave us too, things that cause us to worry or stress or hurt. When we say His name, He hears us just as He did His people in Egypt. He loves us so much He promised to always be with us, and we can trust Him to keep His promises.

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