Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Many Arms Can a Starfish Have?

What is your favorite fish in the acquarium? I like the starfish. Did you know that two thousand species of starfish or sea stars live in all the world's oceans? That includes the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic regions. The starfish live in a broad depth range from intertidal to abyssal depths which is 6000 meters.

We think of the typical five arm sea star, but depending on the species, they can have as many as fifty arms. Each species has different feeding and regeneration behaviors. Although most starfish are calm, the tropical Crown of Thorns starfish are voracious predators of coral throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

The starfish are examples of God's magnificent creation. Did you know you are more precious to Him than the most beautiful of sea creatures? It's true! He loves you so much He sent Jesus, His only Son to earth. Jesus held children in His arms and blessed them. He loves you and wants to be your Forever Friend. He will always be with you. Say His name (Jesus) and you will know He is near.

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  1. Good to see someone spreading the word!God Bless You!