Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School and Your Peers

Have you had a lot of time with your friends this summer? Maybe not. Maybe you spent a lot of time with your brothers and sisters while your parents worked or participated in sports or other organizations.

After a long summer, I was always glad to get back to school. It was great to spend time with my friends again. Peer pressure was big, even when I was young. But I'm thankful parent pressure was stronger. I remember thinking to myself, "My mom would kill me if she knew I had a beer or if I went all the way with a boy." So I didn't do those things.

Peer pressure is stronger today. Do you want to be accepted? Does that mean taking a drink, or smoking a cigarette? Does it mean using bad language? Has anyone dared you to steal candy out of the bulk bins in the grocery store? or something out of another's backpack?

When you know your peers are planning or doing things that are wrong, you can stand up to them. Be confident when you say things like, "I don't do that," or "I have to get my homework done," or just plain old "No." Did you know that is not only being true to yourself; it could help a friend who is thinking about doing wrong. You could help a peer make a right decision by choosing wisely for yourself.

Learn how to manage your peer pressure or it will manage you in ways you may not be prepared for. It is not fun to be laughed at or made fun of, but when you rise above insecure feelings to do what is right, you'd be surprised how people will respect you.

Think About It
Peer pressure dates back to the beginning of time. Jesus had peer pressure. He helped His friends make wise choices, but there were plenty of others who laughed at Jesus. They didn't like His message or miracles and in the end, they killed Him. Most likely you will not die for doing what is right. Just know that Jesus has traveled this road a long time before you, and He can be your best Friend. He knows the things that concern you. He wants to offer counsel and comfort. Just say His name and know He is near.

Pray About It
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your faithfulness. Thank You for never leaving me but being with me through good and difficult times. Amen.

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