Sunday, March 31, 2013

Revenge or Reconciliation?

Joseph's brothers hated him for his high and lofty dreams about them becoming his servants. They hated him because their dad loved him the most. They wanted him dead, but they sold him into slavery and lied to their dad with his  robe of many colors bloodied with the slaughter of a goat. They wanted to harm Joseph, but God had another plan. Joseph became the servant of Potifer, then the governor of the land, second in command to the king.

During a great famine Joseph's brothers came for grain to feed their families. They bowed before Joseph (fulfillment of a dream). When Joseph recognized his brothers, he had the opportunity to carry out revenge, but he chose to forgive.

God sent the law through Moses to teach people how to live with love for each other. They learned how to keep records of their good deeds and became prideful. God loved the world so much He send His Son Jesus to show us how to live, even to the point of taking our place on the cross for our sin, so we would experience forgiveness.

Forgiveness is vital in relationships with people and with God. Since God forgave us, we ought also to forgive one another for wrongs done against us.

Think About It
Have you hurt someone with lies or taken something that wasn't yours? Has someone lied about you? Has anyone robbed you of something special? Like Joseph, you have a choice to get even or to forgive. What will you do?

Pray About It
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Joseph's story. Teach me how to live more like You. Show me your ways even when I want to choose my ways. Amen.

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