Monday, December 5, 2011

Honor Your Father and Your Mother

A man had two sons. He told one, "Go work in the field today," and the son replied, "I don't want to." Then the father told the other son, "Go work in the field today," and that son said, "Okay, Dad." The first son had a change of heart and went to work, but the second son got busy doing something else. Which one do you think honored his dad's wishes? Yes, of course, the first son. This little story is based on a parable Jesus told in Matthew 21:28.

Do you do what your parents ask before you do what you want? The fifth command of God's Big Ten is "Honor your father and your mother." It's often called the bridge commandment because the first four are about our relationship with God and the last five are about our relationships with others. Besides our relationship with God, the ones we have with our parents are the most important.

Lord Jesus, give us the desire to honor our parents because it's not always something we want to do. We need your help. Amen.

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