Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Emily Goes Camping

            Emily’s mom went on a long business trip, but before she left she signed Emily up for camp, her very fist campout. It seemed like it would be okay until she got there.
            “A-a-a-h!” she screamed, jumping around flicking off the biggest, ugliest grasshopper she ever saw.
            “What’s the matter?” Morgan laughed. “Haven’t you ever been camping before?”
            “I wish my mom never signed me up for this. I’d rather be home.”
            “Yeah I bet. Home by the pool, right?”
            Morgan, Emily’s tomboy friend, was right. She loved her princess lifestyle.
            “Hey, Emily! What’s that in your hair?” squealed Morgan. “Looks like a spider!”
            “A-a-a-h! I hate spiders and grasshoppers!” cried Emily.
            “I wish David could see you."
            “Morgan, stop it!”
            “Okay, okay. Let’s keep hiking up this trail.”
            The bushes got thicker and the trail got thinner.
            “What’s that sound?” asked Emily.
            “What sound?”
            “That buzzy-chirpy sound. Is it a cricket or a June bug?”
            “For heaven’s sake, Emily. It’s just a little cricket.”
            “I can’t stand the thought of those six icky, sticky feet on me. I can’t stand that annoying, screeching sound. I hate grasshoppers, spiders and crickets!”
            “Emily, would you lighten up? Let’s go down by the creek. Maybe you’ll like it better down there.”
            “I don’t think so. I wish I were home.”
            “Yeah, by pool?
            Emily rolled her eyes at Morgan. “Yeah, by the nice, clean pool.”
            The two walked down by the cool, clear, rushing water.
            “Emily, look!”
            “At what?”
            “This cute little frog!”
            “A-a-a-h!” Emily screamed. “Get those slimy, slippery feet off of me! I hate grasshoppers, spiders, crickets and frogs!”
            Emily wondered why Morgan enjoyed being mean and making fun of her.
            “Can we go back to camp now?” she pleaded. “I don’t mean to spoil all your fun.”
            “Okay, Okay.”
On the way back to camp it seemed like the path was narrower and closed in by bushes and trees. It seemed like there were more twists and turns. Suddenly Emily lost sight of Morgan.
“Morgan! Morgan! Wait for me.”
“I’m down here,” cried Morgan.
Emily looked to the right and to the left but she did not see Morgan.
“Over here!” Morgan whimpered.
Emily looked down to the right side of the path but she still couldn’t see Morgan.
“Here I am!”
“What are you doing in the bushes?”
“I fell and I can’t get up,” Morgan sobbed.
“My ankle hurts really bad. I must have sprained it.”
"I hope you didn't break it." Emily called the camp leader Miss Adams for help on her walky-talky she checked out before leaving group.
“Help is on the way, Morgan.”
Then Emily did something amazing. She got down on the ground, slid under the bushes and lay down next to Morgan. Putting her arms around Morgan she said, “Don’t cry.”
“Emily, what are you doing? I thought you were afraid of grasshoppers, spiders, crickets and frogs.”
“I am, but I would be more scared if I were alone and hurting.”
“You know, you’re not such a bad camper after all,” and then she whispered, "Thank you, Emily."

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